Awesome Surveys

Introducing the Awesome Surveys WordPress plugin.

What is it?

In summary, this plugin allows you to create and publish surveys to your WordPress website. It includes a survey form builder, automatic form field validation, an easy-to-use shortcode for publishing your surveys and the ability to view survey results in your admin backend.

  • Allows the creation of any number of surveys to collect data from visitors to your site.
  • Build your survey forms with the powerful built-in form builder.
  • Optionally require login or cookie authentication in order for a user to take the survey.
  • Publish your surveys on pages or posts by including a shortcode.
  • Advanced form field validation is included.
  • View results of your surveys in the admin area of your WordPress site.
  • Contextual help available for many of the survey builder options.
  • Extendable through action/filter hooks.
form builder

Build surveys with ease

survey-builder 2

Survey built, ready to save

published survey

This is what the survey will look like after published

survey results

Viewing the survey results

Here is a Demo of a Survey in Action

Awesome Surveys Survey


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